Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More on the Old Cambridge Theatre

While looking at our microfilms of the Cambridge Leader, I saw  some more items about the Cambridge Theatre.  I probably would not have noticed them if not for our recent posting about the Cambridge Theatre in the Hollywood in the Heartland database.  They do have some information which was not included in the history of the Cambridge Theatre.  Looking at them reminded me to check our first book, Cambridge, Iowa The First 150 Years, as well.

In our book, pages 128-129 describe the Opera House and the Movie Theatres.  Some of that information came from these Cambridge Leader articles.

The front page of the September 29, 1921 Cambridge Leader announced that H. A. Hoskins and L. Collins have gone into the movie show business by renting the Cambridge Opera House.  The first show in the Star Theatre was to be "Charlie Chaplin in the Kid".

A little more than two months later, the front page of the December 1, 1921 Cambridge Leader had two items about the movie theatre.  The first announced a change of ownership (again), with Hoskins and Collins selling out to H. F. Spencer and son of Ames.  The second was an announcement that the first offering by them would be that Saturday with Harry Carey in If "Only Jim" followed by the shorter "Vamps and Scamps".

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