Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meeting with Story County Supervisors - October 18, 2012

Each year the members of the Story County Historical Alliance meet with the Story County Supervisors to describe our accomplishments and challenges.  This year the Huxley Historical Society were the hosts for our meeting on October 18.  Supervisors Wayne Clinton, Paul Toot, and Rick Sanders, and candidate Lauris Olson were present along with members of most of the Story County History groups.  Thank you to the Supervisors for their continuing interest and support.

This is what we described and provided as a summary to the Supervisors.

Cambridge Historical Association
PO Box 461
Cambridge, IA 50046

Cambridge’s busiest community season is from the end of May to mid-June.  The Cambridge Historical Association’s participation included:
  • We updated our Cambridge Veterans list which the Boy Scouts then used to place American flags on the veterans graves for the American Legion Auxiliary for Memorial Day Ceremonies.
  • The Cambridge Alumni Association annual banquet included our Open House before the banquet.
  • Being part of the parade for the Cambridge Jubilee Days followed by another Open House for the community.
  • Our Open Houses featured the Cambridge High School Class Pictures which had been assembled by the Cambridge Alumni Association.  These are now part of our permanent collection.

Other projects this year included:
  • Participating in a Ballard School project on the history of local communities.
  • Increasing our holdings of Cambridge/Ballard school yearbooks.
  • Adding to and updating our displays.
  • Our major financial investment - replacement of the furnace for our building.

Our supporters, which includes former residents and others interested in the local history, have continued to donate historical items, support our group, and request help finding information from our files.  Recent requests have included one from California and another from Norway via a cousin in Minnesota.

We have begun using Twitter to highlight happenings of the Cambridge Historical Association and of the Story County Historical Alliance.  You can follow us at @chanotes.

You can find the Story County Historical Alliance website at:

The Story County Historical Alliance website has had 1329 pageviews so far this year.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Titanic Disaster in the Cambridge Leader

The April 18, 1912 issue of the Cambridge Leader, Vol. XVII No 51, page 6 reported the initial reports of the sinking of the Titanic as shown to the left.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Next Meeting Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The next meeting of the Cambridge Historical Association is next Tuesday, February 21st, at 7 p.m.  This will be a combination business meeting and work session.  Everyone is invited to attend and to see (and help with) the new exhibits we are preparing!

Monday, February 13, 2012

We've Expanded Our Yearbook Holdings

School yearbooks can be a great source of pictures and information about Cambridge and its people.  They offer pictures of students and teachers, sports and other activities, and may have other historical notes.  For example, some of the Cambridge Echoes yearbooks offer detailed histories of the graduating class including who joined or left the class in which grade.  They generally include not only the graduating class pictures; but, also those of many of the following grades.

We have a collection of both Cambridge Echoes yearbooks and the subsequent Ballard Bombers yearbooks for your research.  While we had some of each, we were recently able to obtain a number of Ballard Bombers yearbooks to greatly expand the years we cover!

Our current holdings are:
  • Cambridge Echoes 1952 through 1956
  • Ballard Bombers 1962 through 1964
  • Ballard Bombers 1967 through 1971
  • Ballard Bombers 1975
  • Ballard Bombers1978 through 1979
  • Ballard Bombers 1981 through 1987
  • Ballard Bombers 1990
  • Ballard Bombers 1992
  • Ballard Bombers 1995
  • Ballard Bombers 1998
  • Ballard Bombers 2001 through 2003
  • Ballard Bombers 2005 through 2011

This still leaves us with a number of years not represented in our files.  We know the Cambridge Echoes was published in 1951; but, we do not know when it started.  Does anyone know how early it was published?  Do you have yearbooks you would like to donate or would allow us to copy?  Thank you for your help!