Thursday, February 19, 2015

Help Us Identify These Cambridge High School Graduates

We have a collection of class photos showing graduates of the Cambridge High School.  The earliest we have is 1911 and the final one is the last class, which graduated in 1958, before Cambridge became part of the Ballard School District.  You can see these framed at our museum in Cambridge, Iowa.  They also are part of our second book:  Cambridge, Iowa 150 Years of Education in Cambridge and Union Township, Story County, Iowa.

Of those photos we have (especially early on there are gaps), one which does not identify who is who is the 1915 photo above which only has one name associated with a picture. Can you help us identify them?

Here is what we know:
  • One individual photo has a hand-written name above it; the top row fourth from left says Ava Irene Cook.  Not known what the source of identification for it is. 
  • Our list of 1915 graduates, again in the second book, has 11 names.  The 12th photo would presumably be the Superintendent, Harry Washburn Dana. if our list of graduates is complete.

The 11 names on our list of 1915 graduates are:
  1. Mable Abraham
  2. B. Dewey Angstrom
  3. Ava Cook
  4. Effie Erickson
  5. Helen Haun
  6.  Althea Johnson
  7. Raymond Langland
  8. Joe Larson
  9.  Florence Maywald
  10.  Robert Maywald
  11.  Meda Thomas
 This list has been alphabetized rather than being in the order shown in our list.

Can you help us identify any of the graduates?  How else might we sort out who is who?  You can leave comments, suggestions and questions below in the comments.  Or email us at   Thank you for your assistance.

Note:  To see a larger version of the photo, click on it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cambridge Iowa High School Graduates List

Both of our books contain listings of the Graduates of Cambridge High School by year from 1892 to 1961 along with a few of unknown year.  The second book, Cambridge, Iowa: 150 Years of Education in Cambridge and Union Township, Story County, Iowa, also has class pictures for many of the classes.  To help you and us better use these resources, we are creating a  list by name.

While this is just getting underway, we would like to show you the current format for your comments.  It is sorted by name with columns for last name, first name, year, and whether or not a photo is available.  The photos only refer to the Senior Class pictures we have, not any of our other sources.  There is also a column for notes (not shown below) which might include items such as married name.  The listing as Needed under photos means we do not have a class picture.  The earliest one we have is 1911 and there are some gaps in the early years.  Does anyone know when Senior Class photos were begun in Cambridge or in general?

Please let us know if you think this will be useful.  And what would make it more useful for you and the community.

The list in our books comes thanks to the work of Lois Whitney, one of our early members and a longtime supporter of the Cambridge Alumni Association.