Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family Histories - A - B

As part of our collection, the Cambridge Historical Association has a number of family histories.  Some of these are genealogies and others are collections of articles or other materials from or about particular families.

We have two Apland collections.  One is various clippings about the Apland barn (Apland/Freeland Barn), Apland reunions, and obituaries.  The other is Ole Birchaug Descendants from May 2006 which goes back to 1710.  Many local family names are included.  Copies of Apland i Merika Avis (Aplands in America newsletter) from March 1996 and 1999, Norway in World War II, and a translation of "The Early Settlers from Stavanger and Hadaland, Norway in Central Iowa" are also in this binder.  The translation is from a Norwegian book by Hjalmer Rued Holand A.M. 1908.

The binder Bastesen contains exerpts from Erasmus Rosenberger and His Families in Germany and America.  The earliest entry in the parts we have is from 1758.

The Bauge binder has articles about the historic Bauge Farmhouse and its move to Ames.  Nils Bauge was the original member of the family living in the log home which was built in 1866.

The Berhow Family Tree also contains minutes from the Berhow Reunion from 1932 to 2000.  Berhow was named for a farm on the island of Halsnoy on the coast of Norway.  The family tree has names to before 1692.  As an aside, the Huxley Historical Society has information about the origin of Berhow Park in Huxley, Iowa.

The Bundy Descendants - Descendants of William Bundy has the first child born about 1667 in North Carolina.  This is 12 pages long and includes some information from 2001.  Local family names include Cook, Tillotson, and Zook. 

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