Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whole Town's Talking: Cambridge, Iowa

One of our displays during the 2009 Jubilee Days was the video Whole Town's Talking: Cambridge, Iowa. This was part of a 1952 series by WOI-TV showing town meetings to discuss current local issues. For Cambridge, the issue was whether it should keep its high school or consolidate with other local schools or towns. You can see this half-hour episode online at YouTube or watch the DVD at the Cambridge Historical Association.

The three parts of the show can be seen at:

Whole Town's Talking: Cambridge, Iowa part 1

Whole Town's Talking: Cambridge, Iowa part 2

Whole Town's Talking: Cambridge, Iowa part 3

Each part is about ten minutes long.

A news article about the show can be found in our first book: Cambridge, Iowa: The First 150 Years.

Thanks to Larry and Helen Nernes for identifying many of the students and participants in the video. Those identified were:

CJ Sampers

Betty Jo Harker

Levona Carins

Bud Carins

Terry Jennings

Dorothy Kahler

Larry Nernes

Jim Crosser

Fred Warren

Frank Warren

Matilda Hill

Marge Griffith

Larry Gardner

Danny Stowe

John Dyer

Francis Blackwood

Owen Dean Thorson


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