Monday, February 9, 2009

Photos of Current Cambridge, Iowa

The Random Iowa blog had as its topic this week visiting Cambridge, Iowa. (They were planning to visit on February 8th.) They travel around Iowa to a different area each week to take interesting photographs for Wikimedia Commons, i.e., the pictures may be used in Wikipedia articles and related projects. For example, the pictures might be used to illustrate the Cambridge, Iowa Wikipedia article. I'm pleased they planned to visit us and look forward to seeing the pictures.

They asked for suggestions of sights to photograph and I offered the American Legion Mural and the Memorial on Water Street. What do you think we should be photographing? What pictures should the Cambridge Historical Association be collecting now to document Cambridge's history for the future? Please add your comments here or contact us.

Finding that Random Iowa, which I was previously unaware of, was going to visit was partly luck and partly use of some of the tools available on the Internet. The timing was mainly luck because Random Iowa posted their plans on the day before their visit. I found out about their plans because I also have a Google Alert for Cambridge, Iowa, which searches blogs and sends results, if any, daily. You can set these up to email or receive via a Feed Reader. For more information, see the Google Alerts FAQ. The results I receive are similar to this Google blog search for "Cambridge Iowa", just spread out in time rather than all at once.

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Richard said...

Thanks for the mention of our Random Iowa project on your blog! We also appreciated your suggestions for photos, the mural in particular I thought was amazing! Our photos have now been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and some added to the Wikipedia article for Cambridge. Hope that you like them!